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PSU showcased community-driven research and strengthened network relationships of PSU

PSU launched the 4th PSU Network in Trang Campus to showcase the community-driven research and innovation, and to strengthen communication with the media representatives.
This year's event was held from 11-13 October 2023, at PSU, Trang Campus. The opening ceremony was presided over Asst. Prof. Dr. Niwat Keawpradub, the PSU President, Asst. Prof. Dr. Pongthep Sutheravut, Vice President for Administration and Strategy, and Acting Vice President for Trang Campus at that time, along with the university's executives, faculty members, staff, and students, warmly welcomed the media from the Central, North and the local media from South, as well as the public relations networks from all five campuses who participated in the event.

The PSU President stated that over the past few years, PSU has been carrying out our missions of academic excellence, student production, human resource development for all ages, driving society towards sustainable development, research and innovation that create economic value and national development, having a health care system that is confident in quality, morality, and excellent medical care, as well as improving the efficiency of the management system. PSU has developed courses to meet the needs of the industrial sector and promote lifelong learning. It has also brought innovative products and academic services to commercial and national development use. As a result, PSU has been ranked as a high-quality university at both the national and global levels.

In the 4-year planning period up to 2037, the university has set a new vision to be a university of value to drive sustainable development at the forefront of the world. To create the potential to carry out important matters and result in real development for both the southern community, Thailand and the global society, The university will adapt working methods to collaborate with all sectors, both internal and external, to drive key societal issues using the potential of the institution, which is trusted and relied upon as the country's intellectual hub. The focus will be on driving strategic objectives in five areas: agriculture and food, health, natural resources and the environment, multicultural society, and innovation and tourism. These areas represent the strengths of Thailand and the readiness of PSU.