Vision / Mission / Goal


"Prince of Songkla University is an institution focusing on innovation and society with academic excellence,
acting as the main mechanism for the development of the south and the country."


Developing the university to be a knowledge-based society

on the basis of multiculturalism and sufficiency economy principles by giving interested people the opportunity to access knowledge in a variety of ways.

Building Academic Leadership

in fields that correspond to the fundamental potential of the southern region and link to international networks.

Blending and applying knowledge

on the basis of practical experience to teaching, to foster wisdom, morality, competence and international worldview in graduates.

Corporate culture

Our Soul is for the Benefit of Mankind

Core Values

PSU stands for professionalism, social responsibility, and unity.
P - Professionalism

1. Curiosity, seeking knowledge, building social wisdom
2. Accuracy, standards, efficiency
3. Commitment, dedication, and public consciousness

S - Social responsibility

1. Relying on and guiding society
2. Exchange and sharing
3. Cultivating good people for society

U - Unity

1. Appreciation and awareness of being part of the organization
2. Driving the organization towards common goals
3. Working together with willingness, sacrifice, and patience


I-WiSe (Integrity, Wisdom, Social engagement)


Research university