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PSU Phuket Campus, in collaboration with Chivitr Wellness Retreat, organizes hydrotherapy course to promote mindfulness through underwater breathing

    On 28 March 2023, PSU’s Phuket Campus, in collaboration with Chivitr Wellness Retreat under PNRB Co., Ltd., held a press conference about organizing hydrotherapy courses. The event was attended by the private sector, entrepreneurs, Rawai municipal authorities, and Phuket representatives. The showcased hydrotherapy course supports health tourism and improves the well-being of Rawai and Phuket locals, alongside building knowledge and competence of personnel involved in health and wellness promotion. Mr. Danai Sunantarod, Deputy Governor of Phuket, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pun Thongchumnum and Ms. Pornthip Nophakun, owner and founder of Chivitr Wellness Retreat, attended the press conference at Chivitr Wellness Retreat.

    Dr. Pun explained that PSU established the Andaman Health and Wellness Center, Phuket Campus, to jointly develop a curriculum using the medical, nursing, and public health expertise of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Traditional Thai Medicine, and other related faculties. The curriculum is created by focusing on the development of degree programs and certificate courses, including those that align with the geographic context and spatial needs.

    This initiative is paired with short-term training courses open to the public, related to wellness and health promotion. Chivitr Wellness Retreat, a recognized expert in this area, jointly created the hydrotherapy course with PSU. The course is offered at two levels: 1) Hydrotherapy Module 1 promotes mindfulness through basic underwater breathing. The target group is high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, people of working age, and the general public, both Thais and foreigners, who struggle with stress and anxiety from everyday life, and are interested in training. 2) Hydrotherapy Module 2, whose target group is Thai and foreign workers who aim to become practitioners, or want to teach trainers, or plan to join the service industry related to spa services, fitness services, and recreational activities.  

    Dr. Pun concluded by reiterating the ambitions to consider Thailand as the world's medical hub by 2027, and the role of the proposed International Health and Science College, Songkhlanagarind Hospital (Phuket), the Andaman International Health Center, and the Songkhlanagarind Digital Dental Center in achieving the ambitious goals of expanding the potential of Thailand as the world's important center for medical and health tourism.