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The 3rd Food, Music, and Art Festival “PSU Bazaar on Ground: PSU Lover”

On 17-18 February 2024, PSU, through the Global Affairs and Corporate Communication Center, organized the 3rd Food, Music, and Art Festival “PSU Bazaar on Ground: PSU LOVER” held at the Flagpole on PSU Hat Yai Campus. The event served as a platform to promote opportunities for PSU Bazaar group entrepreneurs to sell products, generate income, exchange business knowledge and foster good networking relationships. Moreover, it cultivated strong bonds among alumni and current students from all five campuses of PSU. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Udomphon Puetpaiboon, Vice President for Human Resources and Special Affairs, presided over the opening ceremony. Asst. Prof. Dr. Teerasak Jindabot, Director of the Global Affairs and Corporate Communication Center, delivered the report, accompanied by staff, students, and participants.

In the event, there were over 40 food and beverage vendors who are members of the PSU Bazaar group. Adding to the festivities, there were also performances by youth and students from Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Cultural Studies, PSU Thai Dancing Club, PSU Dance Club, the Music Club of Faculty of Engineering, and Folk Band “Sap Jang” from the Faculty of Natural Resources. Additionally, participants enjoyed various activities such as inflatable playground, balloon darts game, shooting game, painting activities, and outdoor cinema. There were also quizzes and prize giveaways.

The Global Affairs and Corporate Communication Center established "PSU Bazaar" during COVID-19 challenging times to provide members to showcase and sell their products online. It offers a diverse range of goods and services, including food, clothing, plants, pets, and various other services. It was popular and gain recognition from members and service users. As the situation gradually improved and restrictions eased, there was an idea to organize “PSU Bazaar on Ground”. Thus, the first event was unfolded in March 2021 under the name "PSU Bazaar Learning Market Place" at Central Hat Yai. The second event took place in June 2023, at the yard, across from the Faculty of Management Science, named "Music Food fest @PSU in the garden." Most recently, it was the third event with over 5,000 participants attending, generating an income approximately 400,000 baht over the course of two days.