University Council

Authority of the University Council under the Prince of Songkla University Act B.E. 2559

Section 23: the University Council has the powers and duties to oversee the general affairs of the University, which include the following powers and duties:

(1) formulating policies and development plans for the University.

(2) issuing rules, regulations and announcements of the University for the benefit of the operation of the university, and may assign any division in the university to issue rules, regulations and announcements for the division on a case-by-case basis.

(3) issuing regulations on the University Personnel Management Program.

(4) issuing regulations on administration, finance, supplies and properties of the University.

(5) approving educational programs and teaching, including the improvement, dissolution or cancellation of any course of study.

(6) approving co-educational management, or termination of participation, cancellation of joint education management of higher education institutions or other institutions.

(7) approval of the granting of degrees, diplomas, and certificates at any level of both the university and the joint education management of higher education institutions or other research institutes, including approval of honorary degrees.

(8) approving the establishment and dissolution of the campus

(9) approving the establishment, merger, or dissolution of the University's departments, including the establishment, merger, division, or dissolution of internal divisions of the unit.

(10) approval of setting the university's revenue budget and expenditure budget.

(11) formulating policies and procedures related to income generation; procuring funds and other resources.

(12) approval of loaning / lending money, holding shares, becoming a partner, investing or co-investing under section 14 (5).

(13) approving the establishment or joint establishment of a juristic person, or canceling a juristic person established under section 14 (12).

(14) consideration of proceedings for His Majesty's gracious appointment and consideration of the removal of the President of the University Council, the University Council Committee, Special Advisory, President, Professors and Special Professors.

(15) Appointing and removing vice presidents, deans, institute directors, office directors, department heads called by any other names with status equivalent to an institute or office, emeritus professors, associate professors, special associate professors, assistant professors, special assistant professors, any person holding an academic rank called by any other name under section 63, paragraph three, chairmen of the board, and the University Affairs Committee.

(16) following up and evaluating the performance of the President.

(17) certifying the university's annual report, and submitting it to the Minister for information.

(18) appointing a committee, subcommittee or any person to perform any act under the authority of the University Council, including authorizing the committee, subcommittee or such persons to act on their behalf and report to the University Council for consideration or for information, on a case-by-case basis.

(19) performing other duties related to the university’s affairs that are not specified as the duties of any particular person.